A (Gutai) Musing

In response to our fearless leader Nik “Gaucho” Reda posting about Kino-eye and Kino-Pravda and Kino-Oki and everything else in terms of his Frisco film, I want to take a moment to address the readers myself.
I began writing short stories in August of this year and didn’t do anything with them. I sent them to Nik, who would tell me how much he enjoyed them, and that was the end of it. I kept them all, because who knew what would happen, and because they weren’t taking up all that much space. Lo and behold, the same friend who had been encouraging me to keep writing wanted me to post on his site as well. And so, I’ve been putting my stories here instead of in his inbox, and allowing all of you to read the questionable things I write, free of charge.
Now, Nik wrote about Kino-Pravda, so it’s time I write about Gutai.
Gutai is the Japanese art movement based around the idea that the process of creating art is more important than the finished product. In that way, I’ve been a Gutai writer my entire life: whenever I wrote a story, a joke, or anything, I always aimed to have fun doing it and to entertain myself, first and foremost. And in a way, I’m still doing that. I write what comes to me naturally, because for me, it’s no fun if I try to crank out a thousand words a day. It was fun to write stories about Waiting in space when I was waiting for a class to start, or to write about researchers in Antarctica when it was too cold outside for my tastes. Sometimes a single line of dialogue or a small happening would inspire an entire universe into creation, and I couldn’t avoid writing it down wherever I was and taking the idea as far as I could. As I’ve continued writing, I’ve started linking stories together and creating overarching narratives, and writing stories longer than I ever imagined I’d have the patience for. But it wasn’t really about the finished product. It was always about the process. The fun I had writing, and the joy I had in having a completed product I could call my own.
So please, subscribe to the blog, share it with your friends, and tell the world that we’re here. We’ve got a lot in store for you over the next few months, and we’re planning on adding more and more. Not just because we want to be prolific writers, filmmakers, speakers, or whatever else. But because we’re doing what we love to do, and what we have fun doing.
See you next Thursday.

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