Untitled Pc. 1

there was a certain silence.the kind you only find when two people know each other exceptionally well.and it was dark. but i could still see small traces of betrayal forming in every word he said.it’s not that i wasn’t listening, i was.ever so carefully. but i had half a mind to forget he was even still standing there, walk away, and leave him and his lies at my doorstep.but i didn’t.instead, i listened to the silence, growing thicker as the seconds passed. our voices empty and void of meaning. his presence cold, and mine skeptical. i was waiting for words that would never come, and he was forgetting all the things he once wished he could say. we were both dying, but perfectly healthy, thriving, and very much alive. small talk always dies fast, but fire? fire burns, long and hard, before you shut the door and let him drive away.

© 2015; Keara Soller


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