Untitled 2 Pc.

her eyes say a lot: learn to read them. her words say even more: learn to hear them. her voice is happy, calm, playful, patient. and then there’s that moment your eyes lock with hers and she’s staring straight at you. and you wonder what she might be thinking. truth be told, she was just thinking the same thing. she was wondering, too. how all her days of silence could add up to such a pleasant melody. the unspoken words flickering back and forth across an invisible universe. and he holds her face, as they speak with their hands, with their lips. can he tell how scared she is of getting hurt? probably. can she see how much he needs to love her? there is a need of something greater than conversation itself. something passionate that resonates beneath their skin. screaming to be told, to be heard, to be remembered. it is terribly difficult, as i recall, to create such a synchronized lullaby. just difficult enough to achieve. it probably hasn’t even occurred to you just how truly remarkable it is that i trust you. how painful it is for me to allow access to the world inside my head, just painful enough that every bone in my body is dying to let someone see me for what i really am. i need to be seen. to be loved. to be kissed. and adored, about as much as i need to love and feel and protect and heal. i hope you can understand just how wonderful you are for being the one to free me.


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