I want to carve a hole and crawl inside my body
And rip myself apart from the inside out.
A silent desperation begging to be set free
A cry that falls on no one’s ears.
I want to pull my jaw across my scalp
And cry within the comforts of my own head.
It waits, just beneath the breaking surface
It strikes infinite, just above the dying flesh.
I want to take some wax and peel my skin apart
And let loose the spiders hiding in the dermis.
There is no comfort, for no one knows my truth
There are no secrets, for everyone understands.
I want to pull my teeth out one by one,
And fill their holes with boiling metals.
I want to take a set of pliers
And pull my nails out root by root.
I want a lot of things but nothing more than you
Because throughout all this, I know you feel it too.

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