you and me go way back.
it’s hard to tell exactly how long
but our scientists are getting
pretty close
and we’re mostly certain
it all happened rather fast.
since then a lot has changed.
we’ve been through so much together.

i remember it all like dream

you’ve seen me burst apart
screaming fire into the void
around me
only to implode with frustration
and regret

when earth came along
you were every pail of water,
grip of dry brush and berry

when the wars began
you were my trench, my low tide beneath waves of violence

you were my innkeeper,
my rebellion,
my abolitionist,
my labor union,
my soul’s mechanic,
because even it gets neglected and/or overworked
from time to time

you were the smile on my face
when i first looked into my mother’s eyes
and the look on her own
after hearing about
my first fistfight

you’ve always loved me,
and i’ve been trying to reciprocate
ever since.

i’m still trying


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