Gutai-Pravda Assembly is, by all technicalities and limitations, a literary blog. It is a literary blog that opens itself to aspiring writers and people looking to hone their skills and thinkers looking for a venue to dialogue on typically taboo issues. We are not a place for ignorant, one-sided hate mongering. We abide to a process of philosophical inquiry, which really is fancy talk for fully thinking through your point and thought.

Furthermore, we are expanding. We do not want to be just a literary blog. We are,though, at our heart, literate. We want to expand the scope of our vision so as to include all different crafts such as film, podcasts, photography, written work, painting, etc. We welcome all people with a stifled ambition and a muffled voice to approach us with their vision.

We, however, do not deal in the mundane or contrived personas. We encourage you to indulge in both the fullest embodiment of your truth and your unspoken madness.


A note on myself: Who I am is mostly unimportant. What’s important is the work I produce. My name is Nikolas. I attend film school, but before doing so I wanted to be a writer, and sewing amidst the different fabrics is a desire to learn and express and be understood in a introspective manner. I think the best way to understand someone, someone who is truly imbued into their craft, is through their craft. I can sit and talk all day about me, but I always did my best at that when I allowed the thoughts to flow in prose and metaphor, brushes on a surreal fauvist canvas with rococo realism simultaneous.

Again, I exist no further than the simulacra I convey and the work I produce, so please take a read. It gets better every day and one day, hopefully, it will be awesome. I hope you, the readers, reach out, as I’m rather timid, but I for sure would love to get to know you wonderful people and thank you for your time and your efforts.


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