The Castle in the Woods

In the woods there was a castle

Or maybe it was a tree house

Okay it was actually a card board box, but who am I to know what is and wasn’t

It wasn’t a castle, it wasn’t a tree house, I don’t even think it was a card board box

But that’s where she kissed me for the first time

I was a human, I know what those are, maybe

She was a fox

Not in the way we talked in bars but in the way we talked in the sand box

Not in the way she moved her body, but in the way she moved my hands

But she was probably a scorpion, definitely in the way she moved along my back

She asked me to go on an adventure with her, howling at the stumps around our castle

I crawled through her bushy tail and between her claws and told her we could be kings or prisoners

She coiled around my human body, and placed her fox face on my human one as the rain began to fall

Our castle began to melt, the tree house fell into the leaves, and the card board box was carried away by the worms

We mourned the place that I couldn’t remember

We swam above the rain, through the trees, and beneath the clouds, kings and prisoners together

She bit at my ankles and stung me between the eyes

She cried as I drowned alongside her, I frowned

That is where she kissed me and that is where I died

In the castle in the woods, or the tree house, or the card board box