you and me go way back.
it’s hard to tell exactly how long
but our scientists are getting
pretty close
and we’re mostly certain
it all happened rather fast.
since then a lot has changed.
we’ve been through so much together.

i remember it all like dream

you’ve seen me burst apart
screaming fire into the void
around me
only to implode with frustration
and regret

when earth came along
you were every pail of water,
grip of dry brush and berry

when the wars began
you were my trench, my low tide beneath waves of violence

you were my innkeeper,
my rebellion,
my abolitionist,
my labor union,
my soul’s mechanic,
because even it gets neglected and/or overworked
from time to time

you were the smile on my face
when i first looked into my mother’s eyes
and the look on her own
after hearing about
my first fistfight

you’ve always loved me,
and i’ve been trying to reciprocate
ever since.

i’m still trying



i want to make mistakes with you
i want to squeeze this cop’s white
chesnut head open with my
too crazy to care
I don’t even know if i’m a Writer any
feel like taking a bubble bath for
about a week and a half
someone get me a whiskey and snow
weed strain: OG Doggie Paddle
vintage drake bell
Hell friggin ya

the achy feeling of longing versus the
worry and devastation of loss
using black ice to exfoliate your face
while being dragged by a car from a
rope tied to your ankles
death by cardiac arrest due to glance
at tv commercial selling ginger ale
with sex appeal
no one just ‘worked on the railroad’ to
pass the time away. That shit was hard
work and a lot of people died. Get real
where is the job where u have to give
ppl excellent advice on trivial things?
do they have dental? pretty sure I
have gingivitis

Through Being Sad
had a dream a guy sold a slice of
cheese pizza for a million dollars
petting cats is still free
Dissertation on The Hokey Pokey: Is it
REALLY ‘what it’s all about’?
bananas are strong, they have really
thick skin. I just dropped mine on
the ground and felt good that I
could still eat it. I feel safe

Be Nice or Die Tryin’

Cody Can(not)tu also has a band called Sexual Jeremy. You can find their first album here on bandcamp: https://sexyjerry.bandcamp.com/releases

Late Father’s Day Poem

lucifer is the light of the world
he is always depicted as a man
every living thing exists
on an impulse
and it seems as though
love can be just as good
as it is evil
jesus asked us to love everybody
which seems like a lot to ask
for those who never got to have
a last supper
needing the heat of hell
to replace the warmth
absent of their mothers
(and fathers)

it’s not your fault
i swear to god
it’s not your fault

Cody Can(not)tu also has a band called Sexual Jeremy. You can find their first album here on bandcamp: https://sexyjerry.bandcamp.com/releases